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Need to contact a Bank Officer?

J. Scott Schrempp, Bank President -

Brett Wiedenfeld, Chief Financial Officer -

Kristen Dendinger, Senior Vice President (NMLS#402633) -

Marie Haahr, Vice President -

Dana Rosener, Vice President (NMLS#671594) -

Eric Hames, Loan Officer -

Dana Adema, LPO Manager (Niobrara Location) -

Connie Mainquist,- Cashier -

JoEllen Sorenson, Vice President of Operations -

Sheri Moser, Asst. Vice President of Operations -

Carol Nelson, Operations Officer (Bloomfield Location) -

Cindy Bruns, LPO Manager (Bloomfield Location) -

Cameron Schrempp, Loan Officer -

Travis Becker, Loan Officer / IT Specialist -

Lost/Stolen Card?

Debit Card: 800-264-5578

Credit Card: 800-821-5184

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