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    A Regular Checking Account may be opened with a $15.00 deposit. A per item fee of $.11 will be charged for each debit transaction. The per item fees may be avoided if you maintain a daily balance of $500.00 in your account throughout the month. This means you cannot have your balance in the account drop below $500.00 on any single day during your statement cycle. The service charge will include a maintenance fee of $1.00 per monthly statement cycle.  
    A Regular Senior Checking Account is available to persons who are at least 60 years old. With a $15.00 deposit to open the account you will receive unlimited check writing. No minimum balance is required. The only service charge will be a monthly maintenance fee of $1.00 per statement cycle. 
    A NOW Checking Account pays you interest. A deposit of $1,500.00 is required to open this account, and you must maintain a minimum daily balance of $1,500.00 to obtain the disclosed annual percentage yield. If your minimum daily balance is maintained, your first fifteen (15) debits are at no charge, and all subsequent debits will be $.15 per item. If you drop below the $1,500.00 minimum daily balance at any time during the month, all debits are $.15 per item. The service charge will include a $1.00 maintenance fee per monthly statement cycle. 
    A Passport Checking Account is an account which provides customers who have reached the age of 55 or better with special privileges. By joining our Passport Club, you qualify for a variety of services. These services include: the opportunity to participate in social events, educational seminars and travel excursions. 
    The Passport Club requirements are: 
  • Age requirement of 55 or better
  • Maintain a Passport Checking Account
  • One of the following:
  • o Maintain a $1,500.00 minimum balance in a Passport Checking Account OR  
    o Maintain a $5,000.00 balance in a savings passbook account OR  
    o Maintain $15,000.00 in CD balances.  
    Other benefits include: Unlimited check writing, VISA┬« Check Card, e-statements, internet banking and bill pay, Passport personalized checks at no charge, discounts on safe deposit box rental, long-term care insurance**, and group travel opportunities.  No service charges or per item fees. 
    *Passport NOW Accounts have the same benefits as the Passport Account.  You are required to maintain a $1,500 daily balance to obtain the disclosed annual percentage yield (APY). The service charge will be a $1.00 maintenance fee per monthly statement cycle. 
    An Express Checking Account is a free checking account. You must deposit $20.00 to open the account. No monthly maintenance fee, no per item fee, and no minimum balance required. Statements cycle monthly with no images. Duplicate checks must be purchased from the Bank of Hartington.   
    Our In-Club Checking Account is designed for people who want more from their checking account.  For a low monthly In-Club charge you receive these extra benefits:  In-Club personalized checks at no charge, unlimited check writing, accidental & dismemberment insurance, identity theft insurance, safe deposit box discount, Visa check card (upon approval) with cash rewards on purchases, credit alert monitoring, and no fee money orders.  You only need $15.00 to open this account.  In-Club Service Charges on this account are based on the amount of insurance protection the account holder applies for. 
    Service Charges 
    Basic Plan $6.50 per month 
    Personal Plan $7.50 per month 
    Family Plan $8.50 per month 
    Service charges are reduced if a Bank of Hartington passbook savings account balance is maintained as follows: With a $1,000.00 minimum balance you save $1.00 in monthly In-Club service charges; with $1,500.00 minimum balance you save $2.00 in monthly In-Club service charges; with $2,000.00 minimum balance you save $3.00 in monthly In-Club service charges. 
    **Insurance products are: 

    Our Student Club is a free checking account available for students Junior High through age 23. The Student Club has no service fees, unlimited check writing, and free Student Club checks. There is no required balance for this account. When you sign up for this account, you will receive a free gift. If you are a graduating senior, you will be eligible for scholarship opportunities. 

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