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Fraud Watch - Lost Card

Fraud Watch Plus for lost or stolen debit cards

  • Your Bank of Hartington VISA check card is now protected 24/7 by FRAUD WATCH PLUS. Trained analysts will monitor your card for unusual and possible fraudulent activity.
  • You may be contacted by FRAUD PREVENTION SERVICES if they suspect that your card has been compromised. Please respond to their inquiry (866-842-5208). If they are unable to contact you, a temporary block may be placed on your card until either you or the bank calls to okay the transaction.
  • If you lose your card when the bank is closed a HOT CARD NUMBER (800-264-5578) is available for you to call.
  • Please notify the bank (402-254-3994) if you will be doing INTERNATIONAL TRAVELING and your card will be used in various locations.
  • As always, you may contact the bank during normal business hours with questions about your card or transactions on your account.
    Please also contact the bank whenever you have a change in your address or phone number. 

Visit our Education Center to watch our video on Identity Theft.