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Fraud Watch - Lost Card

Fraud Watch Plus for lost or stolen debit cards

Your Bank of Hartington VISA debit card is now protected 24/7 by FRAUD WATCH PLUS.  Trained analysts will monitor your card for unusual and possible fraudulent activity.
Notice fraud on your card?  Call FRAUD PREVENTION SERVICES at 866-842-5208 (Option 2)
     If FRAUD PREVENTION SERVICES suspects your card has been compromised, they will contact you.  If they are unable to contact           you, a temporary block may be placed on your card until either you or the bank calls to okay the transaction.
Lost or stolen card?  Call the HOT CARD NUMBER 800-264-5578
Traveling out of state or on vacation?  
     Please notify the Bank of Hartington (402-254-3994) if you will be traveling outside the area and your card will be used in various         locations.
Change of address or phone number?
     As always, you may contact the bank during normal business hours with questions about your card or transactions on your                   account.  Please also contact the bank whenever you have a change of your address or phone number.


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