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Don't let your statements get lost in the shuffle - Go Paperless!

At Bank of Hartington we want you to have access to your banking information when you need it!  Access your checking or savings account statements virtually whenever it is convenient for you. And if you happen to misplace a statement, you have ability to view, review, and print up to 18 months of online archived statements.

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Give Paperless a Try

Green lockSign in Securely
Login to your Online Banking from a browser window on your desktop computer, tablet, or mobile device. 

Little green guyUpdate your Profile
Select "Profile" from upper right corner of your screen and choose "Edit" Electronic Statements

Green leafSelect your Account
From the account list, change the delivery method from "paper" to "eStatement"

Continue to follow the on-screen instructions. Agree to the Terms and Conditions and obtain your 4-Digit Pin to finalize your enrollment, then be sure to SAVE your changes. 

**Once you sign up for eStatements, you will no longer receive mailed statements. 

FAST. SIMPLE. SECURE...and did we mention they are FREE!

You get your statement sooner, because online delivery eliminates delays sometimes found with postal mail delivery. 

E-Statements eliminate the clutter of paper statements and allow you to store and retrieve past statements right on your hard drive. 

Identity Theft experts actually recommend electronic statements. Why? Because most identity theft occurs through the mail or improperly discarded paper documents containing sensitive information. eStatements simply protect your information better than paper statements. 

It costs you nothing to switch to eStatements! And with cutting out the need for the paper, stamps, and envelopes - you help reduce paper waste and greenhouse emissions. 

Login to Online Banking to Enroll today, and discover all the advantages of eStatements. 

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Unique accounts for your unique needs.

Bank of Hartington has a variety of deposit accounts to help you on your financial journey.